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Look Text

Look, I’m sorry, I know it’s beige. It’ll warm if you have time to gaze. Think of it more as a blanched-almond, Changing in hue with the light. Try it now, up in hyperspace, There’s always the power given in backspace. Trust the strength in its own understatement. It’ll sit with the line of sight.…

Look Sound

Look FFEBCD, is a multi-platform text. Original text, recordings, electroacoustic sound art and game-score. The inspiration came from developing the use of cut-up techniques with text, sonic and visual sources. Another element was a consideration of how to mediate audience participation and the creation of a performative space. The pre-compositional process was a call for…

Look Tweet

Twitter bots are a fun part of my practice The text is being published regularly, using Cheap Bots Done Quick. The fun is deciding which variations to add

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